There is a bill working through committees in both the House and Senate called the Craig-Nidetch Healthy Lifestyles Act.  This piece of legislation, if passed, would raise an enormous amount of revenue for government funded public health care. The act would generate revenue from three sources, a 5% sales tax on non-essential food, a 15% federal tax on all restaurant bills, and a yearly BMI Tax.

Senator Craig had this to say about the bill, “Every American deserves free health care, our kids deserve it, our senior citizens deserve it and this bill will fund a much needed and overdue government provided service.”

The bill is still being hammered out but here are the details at this point. The 5% sales tax on non-essential food will be for all food and drink determined by the FDA and the Surgeon General to contribute to an unhealthy lifestyle. The 15% federal tax will be in addition to all local and state taxes and will be collected by every licensed restaurant or vendor. The yearly BMI tax will be a progressive tax based on the percentage each individual person in the household is over their target BMI(Body Mass Index).  If filing jointly, it will be an aggregate total for all household members.

A spokesperson for the PCI (Progressive Cretinous Institute) had this to say about the critics of the bill, “The science is undeniable. There can be no more discussion.  Critics of this bill are on the fringe. We would liken them to the Moon Landing deniers and they are filled with hate just like any neo-nazi group.”

The above is nothing more than an april fools but don’t laugh.  If we let the government continue on the current authoritarian path, this could happen.  1984 could happen. Liberty is not lost all at once, it is gradually given away.

Think about it.