In honor of authoritarians on both sides of the aisle and the new era of big government, I have a suggestion.   The government sets the minimum drinking age. The government requires a license to get married. Heck, the government defines what a marriage IS.   So, would you not say it’s high time the government gets involved in sex?  Yes, I said sex.

We need a minimum sex age. Why do we have a minimum drinking age?  To protect kids from themselves?  They aren’t mature enough? They can’t handle it? If you can’t drink until you’re 21 then it makes sense to abstain from sex until then as well.   Oh, wait, wait, I have a better idea.  We need a sex license. There would be a required test to make sure you know what you’re doing. (How many women would love that?) There would be a minimum income requirement.  (We don’t want people that can’t afford kids to have kids.)  There would be a psychological test.  (We don’t want people with the wrong , and by that I mean right, mentality to have kids.) Just think of the money it would generate for schools and for old people.

If you are against a sex license, you hate old people.

If you are against a minimum sex age, you don’t care about kids.

If any of these arguments make sense to you, then you need help and you don’t understand the role of government in a free society.

Think about it.