Scenario one : Which would you buy?

Product X – $3500

Product Y – $7500

Oh and Product X is 20% better product. It’s a no-brainer right?

Scenario two : Let’s change it up a bit.

Product X – $3500

Product Y – $3500

Product X is still 20% better, so it’s still a no brainer, right?

Scenerio three : Let’s make one final change.

Product X – $3500

Product Y – $0

If you’re like me and not made out of money you would probably settle for Product Y. On the other hand, if you were rich and money was no object, you would probably buy Product X because you could and it is after all a better product.

Now let’s label each product. Here is where emotions take over and logic gets thrown out the window. Product x is private school and Product Y is public school. In this case, scenario one is the actual cost per student. Private schools on average offer a better education for less money. (Public school SAT scores are usually 100-150 points lower than private schools.) In scenario three, it illustrates what most Americans face today. They cannot afford to send their kids to private schools when in most cases public schools will do. (unless they have the misfortune of living in a failing school district.) Instead of sending my kids to private school, I was very careful and deliberate on where I bought my house to make certain I was in a good school district. Not everyone is so lucky.

You may be wondering, what about scenario two? Scenario two represents costs that are closer to reality. Public schools are not free to home owners. We pay for them through property taxes. If I didn’t have to pay property taxes, I would have a choice on where my children would go. Liberals love to promulgate about choice. Ah, but generally that’s only about the death and destruction of unwanted fetuses. If it’s school choice, they scream no, no (with the full backing of the powerful teachers unions.) You’re taking money away from schools. What??? hmmm, $7500 – $3500 voucher still leaves $4000 that doesn’t go back in my pocket.

Who does this hurt? It hurts poor and working class families who are stuck in failing school districts with little hope of getting better.

Why aren’t democrats and republicans both fighting for school vouchers? Why? It comes down to money and control. The teachers unions want the money and the government wants the control. Control over what is taught and how it’s taught. They want to teach what to think and not how to think.

Think about it.